June 5-7, 2018 - Anaheim, CA | December 4-6, 2018 - Washington DC

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Jun 05 2018
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Jun 06 2018
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Jun 07 2018

BIMStorm: AEC Game Changers

Stephen Hagan
Kimon Onuma

Technology in Education Part 1: Skill Development

  • Building Information Modeling Body of Knowledge: Cultivate a BIM Competent Workforce
  • A Shared Experience in BIM Learning Designed to Gain Incremental Skills by Industry Support
Wei Wu
Julide Bozoglu

From BIM to CIM

Michael Jansen

AEC Innovation + Investment Part 1

  • Digital Maturity in the AEC Industry – How Does Your Organization Measure-Up?
  • Innovation in AEC
Paul Bonington
KP Reddy

Technology in Education Part 2: Case Studies

  • Integration Opportunities in a 5 year Architectural Engineering Curriculum
  • Applying Technology Education to Real-World Challenges
Moses Ling
Elbert Speidel
Presented By: USIBD
Presented By: National Institute of Building Sciences buildingSMART alliance®

Data Driven Green Design

Dominique Davison

AEC Innovation + Investment: Part 2

  • Technology Findings and Trends
  • Fostering the Construction Revolution
Matt Abeles
Gonzalo Galindo

Technology in Education Part 3: New Tools

  • A Model-Based Approach for Managing Activities and Flows On Site
  • Unmanned Systems Collaboration in Construction Industry: The Next Step of Increasing Efficiencies by Integrating Aerial with Ground Unmanned Systems
  • Offsite Architecture: Building the Future
John Quale
Gary Bullock
Nelly Garcia-Lopez
William Baker
Presented By: CP Coalition

Infrastructure, Design & Execution

  • 21st Century Infrastructure Project Execution / Redefining Project Phases
  • A UAV Case Study: Rellis Campus
Jeremy Peters
Kourosh Langari
Presented By: AGC

BIMStorm: What is Next for AEC and Owners

Stephen Hagan
John Messner
Johnny Fortune

Virtual Reality in AEC

  • Impact of AR/VR on Improving Work Flow in AEC
  • Virtual Reality Revolution for the AEC Industry
Sanjay Mistry
David Stone

Digital Construction Part 2

  • Digitization in the Construction Industry
  • Agile CM - Disruptive, Innovative
Johnny Clemmons
Joel Timmins
Presented By: AGC

The Basics of BIM

  • Introduction to BIM: Past, Present, Future
  • BIM for Small Firms
Tom Lazear
Patrick May
Presented By: New Buildings Institute

Project Planning and Execution

  • The use of 3D Printers in Construction Projects
  • The Best of Both Worlds; a Hybrid Scheduling Solution
Pelin Gultekin-Bicer
Steve Moore

Drones in Construction

  • Integrating UAV into the BIM/Construction Environment
  • Drones and Photogrammetry Driving New BIM Innovations and Returns
  • Aerial Technology - The B2B "Google Earth Type" Future
  • The Definitive Guide to Drones in Construction
Douglas Spotted Eagle
Julian Norton
Robert Rocque
Andrew Dennison
Presented By: New Buildings Institute

Advanced BIM Management.

  • Computational Approaches to BIM Workflows
  • Strategies for Coordinating 4D Planning with Project LOD
Brett Young
Jon Berkoe

Emerging Technologies for Construction Management

  • Practical Application of Emerging Technologies for Construction Management
  • Improving Project Delivery Through Risk-Adjusted Schedules
Mark Scacco
Danielle DyBuncio

3D and IOT for Civil/Site

  • Accelerating Site Survey, DTM, and 3D Modeling Through Reality Capture
  • IoT Is the Next Frontier for Drone Data
  • LIDAR and photogrammetry: Comprehensive Data Collection for Historical Preservation
John Cruikshank
Dick Zhang
Laurence Penn

Collaborative BIM

Rob Clifton
Nathan Doughty

BIM in Engineering

  • Unlocking the Value of Project Data: How Jacobs Engineering is taking Advanced Work Packaging to the Next Level
  • Innovation and Technology at Large Scale
  • Creating the BIM Value in Incremental Growth of Efficient Data Center Design
Mayank Sharma
Julide Bozoglu
Jeff Stephens
Erleen Hatfield

Preparing for Tomorrow’s Intelligent, High Performance Buildings

  • Defining "Future-Proofing"
  • High Performance Building. What has Washington DC got to do with it?
Ryan Hughson
Christopher Lindsay

Project, Financial & Construction Management – Decision Management

  • Project, Financial & Construction Management - Decision Management
Tony Rinella

Exploring the Jobsite Connectivity

  • Connecting the Jobsite Through IoT-Based Systems
  • Automating Reality Capture on the Jobsite using UAV's and Rovers
Kristopher Lengieza
Chad Hollingsworth

Jobsite Management

  • The Future of AEC Automation
  • How Digital Technology Can Help Us Achieve Better Productivity and Safety
Chris Hummel

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