June 5-7, 2018 - Anaheim, CA | December 4-6, 2018 - Washington DC

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We are still fine-tuning this conference program which we'll fill with 50+ sessions to make sure we are delivering the most relevant content to keep you fresh in the field. Make sure you check back often for updates!
Day 1
Jun 05 2018
Day 2
Jun 06 2018
Day 3
Jun 07 2018

Technology in Education Part 1: Skill Development

Building Information Modeling Body of Knowledge: Cultivate a BIM Competent Workforce This presentation reports a research project undertaken by the Academic Interoperability Coalition (AiC) to develop a holistic and dynamic...
Julide Bozoglu
Wei Wu

Leveraging Project Accounting and Marketing Systems to Increase Profits

Many firms invest in expensive accounting, project management and marketing (CRM) systems yet fail to get the full benefit of the system as expected. In this session we will look...
June Jewell

Building Documentation for the AEC Community

Construction field managers often struggle to keep projects on schedule. Schedule conformance depends on the activities starting and finishing on time. For an activity to start, it requires that a...
Kevin Kianka

Successfully Outsource Your Construction Business

Technology Outsourcing can be tricky, how do you know which partner is going to best fit your business, what are some of the pro's and con's and how do you...
Scott Lewis

Infrastructure, Design & Execution

21st Century Infrastructure Project Execution / Redefining Project Phases In an integrated project, the project flow from conceptualization through implementation and closeout differs significantly from a non-integrated project. Moving design...
Jeremy Peters
Kourosh Langari

The Risky Business of Integrative Pre-Design

The status quo of traditional project delivery requires continual challenge and improvement. Although the value of the IDP (Integrative Design Process) has been established, it is still not widely utilized...
John Beeson

Finally, True integration of BIM Models and Specifications

We all know the value of coordinating BIM models with the Specifications for the elements in the models including Time and Cost savings, RFI, Addendum, and Change Order reduction, and...
Seamus McGrady

Technology in Education: Part 3

A Model-Based Approach for Managing Activities and Flows On Site Construction field managers often struggle to keep projects on schedule. Schedule conformance depends on the activities starting and finishing on...
Gary Bullock
Nelly Garcia-Lopez
William Baker

Healthy Buildings for Everyone: Tapping into Biology to Grow the Next Generation of Buildings

The way buildings are built today has remained relatively unchanged for nearly two hundred years. The $9 trillion a year global construction industry is responsible for nearly 60% of climate...
Eric Corey Freed

Virtual Reality in AEC

Impact of AR/VR on Improving Work Flow in AEC For many years the Design and construction industry has been limited to the ways we can visually communicate. The addition of...
David Stone

BIM for Small Firms

In the world of BIM and Architectural Virtual Design, the phrase "it's not BIM unless..." gets thrown around frequently. One general misconception is that only large projects can leverage BIM...
Patrick May

Virtual Reality Revolution for the AEC Industry

Sanjay Mistry (VIMaec) presents on the ways VR tools and 3D antimation are being used in architecture Engineering and construction, while still retaining the BIM. How these different ways are...
Sanjay Mistry

Agile CM – Disruptive, Innovative

KPMG’s 2015 Global Construction Survey found that 53% of construction projects are underperforming, and fewer than one-third of construction projects come within 10% of the planned budget. CMAA Foundation Research...
Johnny Clemmons
Joel Timmins

Keynote: Creativity & Constructability in AEC – Part 1

Innovative technology is shaping the future of design, but where design can truly make a difference is when human experience is at its core. Ken Sanders, FAIA, Managing Principal at...
Ken Sanders
Jack Dahlgren

Design Immersion: Sketch to Virtual Reality

The AEC industry is going through a fundamental shift in how architects and designers communicate their ideas to clients. Today's clients are growing comfortable with interactive design immersion technologies such...
Thomas Simmons

Introduction to BIM: Past, Present Future

Computer based building information modeling actually had its start in the 1970s and has progressed for the past 47 years. In the 70s, it was mainframe and telecommunicatiions to the...
Tom Lazear

Drones in Construction: Integrating UAV into the BIM/Construction Environment

Small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS) are becoming widely used tool for architects, engineers, and construction site managers. The ability to have an aerial view along with the collection of data...
Douglas Spotted Eagle

Investigation of BIM standards for the use of 3D Printers in Construction Projects

Labor productivity and the quality of materials produced on-site are two critical assumptions a contractor must make that drive the three tiers of construction management, namely: cost, schedule and project...
Pelin Gultekin-Bicer

Proving the ROI for BIM for FM – The Pilot Approach

It is an interesting fact that to this day BIM traditionally dies at the end of construction and that probably one of the most valuable benefits of the BIM process...
George Broadbent
Leo Salce

Facility, Asset & Life-Cycle Management and VDC Roadmaps for Owners

Based on first hand experiences gathered over the last decade as a facility owner and as an owner representative with a variety of public and private organizations and project types,...
Tony Rinella

3D and IOT for Civil/Site

Case studies will include a large hillside lot in Rolling Hills to much larger sites such as the UC Berkeley campus and surrounding community 3D model. Collection methods ranging from...
John Cruikshank

Improving Project Delivery Through Risk-Adjusted Schedules

Have you ever walked into a construction trailer, and wondered how often the Gantt charts posted on the walls are actually met, and at what cost? As you might know,...
Danielle DyBuncio

Computational Approaches to BIM Workflows

Are we using computing to its full advantage in our BIM workflows? This presentation demonstrates how projects are incorporating computational approaches into BIM workflows to increase their coordination cadence, enable...
Brett Young

Unlocking Disruptive AEC Innovation through a Digital Transformation

The fourth industrial revolution has left visible impacts on traditional consumer industries like retail, transportation, and hospitality. Digital disruptors like Amazon, Uber, and Airbnb don’t compete with their existing industries,...
Nathan Wood

Collaborative BIM

In 2011, the UK Government announced a mandate for the use of Level 2 BIM on all public sector projects by 2016. Asite has been integral in helping the AECO...
Rob Clifton
Nathan Doughty

BIM in Engineering

Unlocking the Value of Project Data: How Jacobs Engineering is taking Advanced Work Packaging to the Next Level Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) is gaining momentum as a best practice for...
Jeff Stephens
Erleen Hatfield

Project, Financial & Construction Management – Decision Management

Even firms at the top of innovative practice grapple with the need to make decisions in a reliable and timely manner. Leaders responsible for ensuring that their firms stay on...
Tony Rinella

Smart Cities and Their Effect on the AEC Industry

Due to the uncanny timing and convergence of market conditions, technology innovation, social wants and government needs a Smart Cities market is emerging on a global scale that dwarfs any...
Paul Doherty

Protecting the Digital Gadgets in Your (Almost) Smart Buildings

Advanced digital technologies are now used to monitor and control services and equipment that are essential to making buildings safe, comfortable, and efficient. Yet even the highest-grade electronic gadgets you...
Michael Chusid

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